E vangelical

L utheran
C oalition for
M ission in ELCMA Connects and Equips God's People
A ppalachia for Christ's Mission in Appalachia

Coordinating Office in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania--- is CLOSED



The Evangelical Lutheran Coalition for Mission in Appalachia (ELCMA) has closed. The offices in Punxsutawney, PA, were closed on October 23, 2014, the phones were disconnected, and the office space has been vacated.

ELCMA's records will be archived in Chicago, as requested of all ELCA ministries. In the future these records will be digitized and available for any who wishes to see them. Records of ministries, efforts, personnel files, and financial reports will all be there. The many resources that ELCMA has developed over the years have been gathered and recorded onto CD/DVD's and sent to each of the respective supporting Appalachian synod's resource center. Books, study materials, and other printed and media materials collected over the past 25 years will be housed in a location to be named later. Details of this, and other matters will be posted on ELCMA's Facebook page. Photographic materials found during the closing of ELCMA have been delivered to a volunteer who has graciously offered to sort, scan, and organize these. Many photos have notes with them about dates or people—many do not. Look for some of these pictures to be posted on ELCMA’s Facebook page!

The ELCMA email address for Pastor Dan May, Interim Director, easternsupervisor@elcma.org will be terminated on or around March 28, 2015, when this website will be terminated as well. Should you wish to reach Pastor Dan May after March 28, 2015, his preferred email address is: pstrdan88@gmail.com You may wish to make a note of his preferred email address for future reference. The ELCMA Facebook Page will live on into the future, providing venue and forum where the ELCMA community can continue gathering, networking, sharing and praying for ministry in Appalachia.

Those who have been a regular user of GoodSearch, and directing your user search benefits to ELCMA, should make arrangements to direct your searching and shopping gifts to another ministry of your choice.

We say, "Thank You" to all who have been a part of the ELCMA mission and ministry. God, who is gracious and good, will continue ministry in Appalachia via other means. The many people throughout Appalachia, and all creation, who love and serve our Lord will continue to share God’s grace with others. May you be blessed in all the good work you do in the name of Jesus. May God continue to bless all who serve, and may those reached in his name be blessed. Amen