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The Faithful Sower

The Laborers in the Vineyard

The Lost Sheep

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

The Prodigal Son

The Rich Fool

The Rich Man and Lazarus

The Ten Maidens

The Ten Silver Coins

The Unforgiving Servant 


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ELCMA Sunday School Curriculum Task Group


Introduction to material

            A team of lay and clergy writers from across the Appalachian Region volunteered to share their experience and resources to create this Bible-based curriculum.  The group hopes that this material will both strengthen the members of your class in their relationship with God and one another and will educate them in biblical knowledge and content.  Thus prepared, participants may be sent into the community able to communicate the gospel message and eager to invite family, neighbors, friends, coworkers and classmates to be part of God=s family.

The materials are designed to be used in small groups of all ages, mixed ages or same ages. These materials can be used in a variety of ways for Sunday  School, midweek study, vacation Bible school, day camp, etc.  This is done to provide a usable, flexible, resource at a minimal cost.  The lessons are not dated, but can be used over and over again by grouping sessions, themes, biblical texts, etc. You may even want to use one lesson extended over several sessions as you add your own touches to the outline provided on the lesson sheet. 

Helpful suggestions:

 *Pick and choose desired lesson building blocks based on allotted class time, class skill levels, class            size, class setup and space, supplies and resources available.  You do not have to use all the blocks.

*Preparation makes the class go better.  Start by checking the activity, sending and additional                       resources blocks.  What do you have and what can you gather to enhance the lesson?          

*Use the Bible text in your daily devotions as a method of preparing for the class.

*A copy of Luther=s Small Catechism is essential for use in preparation. 

*To supplement the lesson further, bring in your own ideas and resources to spark creativity and include your local customs, celebrations and insights.  Consider the possibility of inviting someone from the congregation or community to share in the lesson. 

*The Teacher/Leader Handbook offers ideas and additional resources to enhance the                                   material on the lesson sheets.

*This material is copyrighted BUT you are free to reproduce it without alteration for local or congregational use only.  Be sure to make no changes on each page you reproduce.  For other uses, check with ELCMA using the contact information listed at the top.

We advise you to keep your ideas for use of the material with the lesson sheets and give them to those who will use this material after you.  Additionally, we strongly urge you to share those ideas with ELCMA at the address, phone number and e-mail listed above.  We will pass your suggestions along to others using the material.  Perhaps your ideas will lead them into even more creative uses of this curriculum. Any ideas submitted to us would become the property of ELCMA.  We welcome all your input.  For tracking purposes only, please e-mail us contact information.  We will send you updates and/or corrections as they are prepared. 

*****Thank You*****